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  • 30% 37.5:1 Acrylamide:Bis Solution
  • Ideal for Casting Laemmli Gels
  • Deionized and Stabilized
  • 2 Year Shelf Life
  • Strip PVDF blots in 10 minutes
  • Contains zero harsh detergents
  • Non-acidic
  • Blot in half the time versus conventional electroblotting buffers
  • Very high efficiency transfer
  • Optimum pH; less harsh on proteins


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  • The faster, more sensitive colloidal Coomassie Blue stain
  • Bands appear in 15 minutes
  • Safe, nonhazardous formula

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  • Enhanced chemiluminescent substrate
  • Extended signal life
  • Long shelf life/extra reliability
  • Less antibody needed


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