A full range of solutions for DNA, RNA and Protein electrophoresis. 

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  • Treats Gel Plates to Facilitate Release of Gel
  • Ensures intact Gels for Staining
  • Treatement Lasts for Several Casting Cycles
Catalog Number: EC-621
  • For RNA and DNA Solutions
  • Certified Nuclease Free
  • Autoclaved Sterile
Catalog Number: EC-625
  • High Sensitivity Colloidal Coomassie Stain
  • Detect 5ng Protein
  • Economical and Eco-Friendly
Catalog Number: EC-722
  • Ultra Pure Urea Concentrate
  • Deionized and Filtered
  • Part of the Sequagel System
Catalog Number: EC-835
  • For Denaturing Analysis of Longer DNA/RNA Fragments
  • Highest Resolution
  • Ideal for Automated Gel Readers
Catalog Number: EC-842
  • Ideal Running Buffer for High Resolution SDS-PAGE
  • Convenient 20X Concentrate
Catalog Number: EC-867
  • For High Resolution SDS-PAGE
  • Convenient 20X Concentrate
Catalog Number: EC-868
  • DNase and RNase free
  • Autoclaved
  • pH and conductivity optimized
Catalog Number: EC-911
Catalog Number: CL-253
  • capacity 0.55meq/ml
Catalog Number: EC-408
  • For Photpolymerization of Acrylamide Gels
  • Ultra Pure, Crystalline
Catalog Number: EC-501
  • Catalyst for APS Initiation of Acrylamide Gels
  • Double Distilled for Highest Purity
Catalog Number: EC-503


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