A full range of solutions for DNA, RNA and Protein electrophoresis. 

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  • For Photpolymerization of Acrylamide Gels
  • Ultra Pure, Crystalline
Catalog Number: EC-501
  • Catalyst for APS Initiation of Acrylamide Gels
  • Double Distilled for Highest Purity
Catalog Number: EC-503
  • Initiator for Polymerization of Acrylamide Gels
  • High Purity, Low Moisturel
Catalog Number: EC-504
  • Clelands Reagent
  • Reducing Agent for Disulfide Bonds in Proteins
Catalog Number: EC-601
Catalog Number: EC-608
  • Permanently preserve stained gels
    air dry overnight
Catalog Number: EC-612
  • Permanently Bonds Acrylamide Gels to Glass Plates
Catalog Number: EC-620
  • Preserve Stained Gels
    Air Dry Overnight
Catalog Number: EC-622
  • Ideal for Western blotting membranes
  • Premixed formula saves time, money and effort
  • Stain up to 90 blots
Catalog Number: EC-728
  • Stains DNA or RNA
  • No UV or toxic chemicals
  • Colorimetric for easy detection
Catalog Number: EC-730
Catalog Number: EC-810


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