A full range of solutions for DNA, RNA and Protein electrophoresis. 

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  • Western Blot wash and incubation buffer with TWEEN
  • Ultra-pure reagents in 18 Megohm water
  • Filtered and autoclaved
Catalog Number: EC-882
  • Purifies samples for best SDS-PAGE
  • Removes interfering contaminants
  • Concentrates dilute samples
Catalog Number: EC-884
Catalog Number: EC-886
Catalog Number: EC-887
Catalog Number: EC-888
Catalog Number: EC-893


  • Ideal for Western Blotting
  • Cast an SDS-PAGE gel in one easy step
  • Unique one bottle solution cuts casting time by 75%
Catalog Number: EC-895
  • Best resolution with ProtoGel Quick Cast
    One step casting; sharper bands
Catalog Number: EC-896


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