Liquid Scintillation

The world's first biodegradable scintillation cocktails.

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  • Cocktail for Counting CO2 Trapped in Carbamate
  • High Capacity
  • High Efficiency
Catalog Number: LS-231
  • CO2 Absorbing Agent
  • 1 ml absorbs 5.8 mMoles CO2
  • Use With Oxosol 306
Catalog Number: LS-241
  • Biodegradable, low hazard formula
  • For counting isotopes bound to particulate soilds
  • Reliable counting without settling of particulates
Catalog Number: LS-262


  • Scintillator for Biosol
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Clear Emulsion
  • Wide Sample Range
Catalog Number: LS-309
  • Tissue Solublizer
  • Part of Biosol/Bioscint System
  • Clear Emulsion
  • Biodegradable System
Catalog Number: LS-310
  • Tissue and Gel Solublizer
  • Dissovles a Wide Range of Samples
Catalog Number: LS-311
  • Use with Solusol
  • Holds Dissolved Tissue Samples
  • Ideal for High Salt or High pH Samples
Catalog Number: LS-314


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