Electrophoresis Articles

Differential Display

Differential display is a powerful technique for detecting and quantitating changes in gene expression patterns between differently treated cells.

RNA Mapping

In studies of transcriptional regulation, it is often necessary to determine the structure and/or amount of a given RNA species.

S1 Mapping

Nuclease S1 will digest only ssDNA or ssRNA.

Ribonuclease Protection

Ribonuclease protection is a procedure that uses uniformly labeled RNA probes to analyze sample RNA.

Primer Extension

Primer extension is another technique used to analyze RNA structure and expression.

Analysis of DNA/Protein Interactions

The binding of proteins to specific DNA sites is an important mechanism of cellular regulation.

DNase I Footprinting

The process of DNase I footprinting is outlined below:

Methylation & Uracil Interference Assays

Both the methylation and uracil interference assay analytical methods are presented in parallel because they assay for similar information based o

Native PAGE of DNA

In the absence of denaturants double stranded DNA retains its double helical structure, which gives it a rodlike form as it migrates through a gel


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