ProtoBlock System

  • Protein Blocking Solution for Immunoassays
  • Eliminates Endogenous Background
Catalog number: CL-252
Western Blot immunoassay is a highly specific method of protein analysis using affinity-purified antibodies. An enzyme-linked affinity-purified antibody used in conjunction with highly sensitive chemiluminescent substrate provides an excellent method for detection and characterization of samples bound to membranes through Western Blot or Dot ELISA. Following transfer of proteins to a membrane, it is very important to block the membrane with a good blocking solution. ProtoBlock Solution is designed to work optimally with Horseradish Peroxidase Luminescent Kit (Protoglow ECL kit, order number CL-300). ProtoBlock solution contains a broad spectrum of proteins, protein analogs, detergents, and buffers which are designed to minimize endogenous backgrounds. ProtoBlock solution may be used for Western Blotting, Southern Blotting, immunoassays, and in situ hybridization.
Storage: All system components may be stored at room temperature (20°C).

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