ProtoGel Sample Prep Kit

  • Patented system for SDS-PAGE sample prep
  • Removes interfering contaminants
  • Concentrates dilute samples
  • Prevents gel failures
  • Simple and inexpensive
Catalog number: EC-884


Unpurified and purified samples in SDS-PAGE
Contaminants in the sample such as high salt or urea lead to blurred bands or smiling gels in SDS-PAGE. With the ProtoGel Sample Prep Kit, interfering substances from upstream applications can no longer gain entry to the well. Contaminants are washed away with a simple method. The sample loaded contains only pure protein and loading buffer with no contaminants remaining to impede reproducible, high-resolution results.

Lanes 1 and 3 are unconcentrated. Lanes 2 and 4 are concentrated.
In addition to purification, proteins previously too dilute for SDS-PAGE can now be concentrated prior to electrophoresis with a simple method. The ProtoGel Sample Prep Kit concentrates proteins as dilute as 25ng/100µl. The unique ProtoGel Sample Prep Kit casts the finest net of any recovery system, concentrating all proteins in high yield regardless of identity. With the ProtoGel Sample Prep Kit, the purity and concentration of your SDS-PAGE samples are both under your control.