SequaGel MD Heteroduplex Kit

  • Point Mutation Analysis
  • Heteroduplex Analysis
Catalog number: EC-847

SequaGel MD permits minor mutational differences in DNA sequences to be detected as a high resolution relative mobility (Rf) shift. SequaGel MD is a proprietary formulation, supplied as a 2X stock, designed to resolve sequence related differences  Heteroduplex Analysis.

DNA mutations, or sequence modifications, are readily associated with specific disease states. Since a variation of a single nucleotide in a sequence may indicate a significant genetic anomaly, an extremely sensitive method to analyze these mutations is necessary.

SequaGel MD is available as a monomer solution packaged with Triple Dye Loading Buffer in the SequaGel MD Heteroduplex Kit.

SequaGel MD is designed to run heteroduplex analysis on DNA fragments up to 900 bases at a 1X concentration.

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