SequaGel MD SSCP Kit

Point Mutation Analysis

Matrix and Loading Buffer Optimized for SSCP

Catalog number: EC-846

SequaGel MD SSCP Kit permits minor mutational differences in DNA sequences to be detected as a high resolution relative mobility (Rf) shift. SequaGel MD is a proprietary formulation, supplied as a 2X stock, designed to resolve sequence related differences by SSCP (Single Strand Conformational Polymorphism).

DNA mutations, or sequence modifications, are readily associated with specific disease states. Since a variation of a single nucleotide in a sequence may indicate a significant genetic anomaly, an extremely sensitive method to analyze these mutations is necessary.

SequaGel MD is designed to run SSCP samples in the 100-300 nucleotide range at a 0.5X concentration. Small fragments may be better resolved by using higher concentration (0.75X) gels. Larger fragments may be better resolved by running lower concentration (0.4X) gels.

The kit contains 200ml of Sequagel MD Monomer and SSCP Stop Solution.

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