UreaGel 29:1 System Protocol

Mix UreaGel System Components:
Determine how much UreaGel 29:1 Concentrate, Diluent, and Buffer you need to make your gels using the formulas below. Combine the necessary components in an Erlenmeyer flask. Swirl gently to mix.

For 100 ml Gel Casting Solution:

Vc = (Vt) (X)/25
Vb = 0.1 (Vt)
Vd = Vt - (Vc + Vb)


Vc = UreaGel 29:1 Concentrate Volume
Vb = UreaGel Buffer Volume
Vd = UreaGel Diluent Volume
Vt = Total Casting Solution Volume
X = % Gel Desired


To make 100ml of an 8% gel, calculate the UreaGel solution volume to be added as follows:
Vc =(100) (8)/25 = 32ml UreaGel 29:1 Concentrate
Vb = 0.1 (100) = 10ml UreaGel Buffer
Vd = 100 - (32 + 10) = 58ml UreaGel Diluent

Add Initiators and Cast Gel:
Add 40 microliters of TEMED for every 100 ml of gel casting solution. Swirl gently to mix. Add 0.8 ml of FRESHLY PREPARED 10% ammonium persulfate for every 100ml of gel casting solution. Swirl gently to mix. Cast the gel. Insert the comb and allow to polymerize one to two hours.


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