Electrophoresis Protocols

AquaPor Agarose Protocol

A. Add room temperature buffer to a flask that is 2.5 – 4 times the volume of gel solution. Add a teflon-coated stir bar.
B. Add AquaPor powder while stirring vigorously so the agarose is dispersed uniformly. Stir for 2 minutes to hydrate the agarose.
C. Tare the flask and solution.
D. Place in a microwave oven and heat at 100% power using 20 – 60 second intervals. Swirl gently between intervals to resuspend the agarose.

Autofluor Protocol

1. After staining, fix the gel with 5% glacial acetic acid, 5% isopropyl alcohol, and 90% water. Fix for 15 to 20 minutes. Pour off fixing solution and discard according to radioactive disposal procedures.

2. Rinse the gel in a continuous flow of tap water for 15 minutes to assure the complete removal of acetic acid residue.

AccuGel Protocol

Mix Gel Solution:
Calculate how much AccuGel you need to make your gels by using the formulas below. Bring up to the desired final volume with your usual buffers and distilled water. Pour the solution into an Erlenmeyer flask with a side-arm. In most cases, AccuGel will gel without degassing. However, for optimum reproducibility, add a stirring bar to the solution and stopper the flask. Degas the solution under a vacuum for 5 minutes while stirring on a magnetic stirrer.


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