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  • Optical Clarity Combined with Exceptional Durability
  • Compatible with HistoClear II
  • Higher Flash Point and Lower Toxicity than Xylene Based Mountants
Catalog number: HS-110

Specifically developed to provide compatibility with National Diagnostics clearing agent, HistoClear II, Omnimount combines outstanding optical characteristics with low fluorescence and exceptional durability.


Image produced by Dr. D. Shykind, from a slide of Pacific Sturgeon spleen mounted in Omnimount for two years. More images, and details of the process and equipment used can be found at

In addition to being the ideal partner for HistoClear II, Omnimount is a truly universal mounting medium, compatible with all common clearing agents: xylene, toluene, limonene, and petroleum derived products.

The Omnimount solvent has a higher flash point and a lower toxicity than xylene based mountants, so Omnimount provides both a safer work environment and reduces shipping costs.

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