Neutralin Protocol

Neutralin can neutralize your aldehyde solutions with its easy, safe process.  It is possible for used aldehyde solutions to be self-neutralized within one day with Neutralin.


  1. Pour up to five gallons of your used aldehyde solution into the Neutralin pail.  Twist or shake the container in order for the pail's contents to agitate.
  2. Let the solution to neutralize overnight.  The solution will form a clear subtance on top (Neutralin Supernatant) and white residue.
  3. Insert 0.5 ml of the Aldehyde Test Reagent (included) and 0.5 ml deionized water into a clear, small test tube.  Take 0.05 ml of the Neutralin Supernatant from the pail and add to the test tube.
  4. Cap the test tube and invert several times.  Allow the solution to settle for five minutes.

At this point the solution in the test tube should either be clear or magenta, which will determine the next steps.


Your aldeyhyde solution has successfully been neutralized.  The polymer in the pail is not classified as a hazardous waste* and no special disposal considerations need to be considered.


Formaldehyde is still present in the Neutralin pail.  Wait overnight and reevaluate the solution the next day.

If the solution is now clear the aldehyde in the pail was successfully neutralized.  However, if the solution is still magenta-colored it was likely overloaded with formaldehyde.  Decant the Neutralin Supernatant into an unused Neutralin pail and rinse the white residue in the original pail with water.  Decant the new Neutralin container.  Agitate this mixture and repeat the above procedure.

The Trace Aldehyde Detection Kit provides enough material for up to three tests.

* As defined by United States Code Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 261.24(a)).

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