Ecoscint Ultra

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  • The Best Performing Cocktail on the Market
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Ideal Cocktail for Environmental Testing
  • Ultra-High Sample Hold
  • Low Toxicity
Catalog number: LS-270

When National Diagnostics laboratories set out to create Ecoscint Ultra, our aim was to create the best cocktail available for environmental sample counting and urine bioassay. We are proud to announce that not only have we succeeded in this goal, we have surpassed it, creating the best all-around performing cocktail on the market for both large and small aqueous samples.

Ecoscint Ultra enables ultra-low level counts to be discriminated from background not only for large but also for small samples. With large samples, Ecoscint Ultra delivers up to 30% 3H counting efficiency at maximum sample hold with very low background levels. With small samples, Ecoscint Ultra yields 3H efficiency greater than 60%.

10ml of Ecoscint Ultra holds 12ml H2O or 10ml 0.5M NaCl in a clear emulsion at 18°C.