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  • Safe and Effective Radioactive Decontamination
  • Superior Cleaner
  • Biodegradable
  • pH Neutral
  • Will Not Damage Metal Instruments
Catalog number: NC-200

Nuclean is a concentrated, economical and highly efficient solution for safe and fast removal of radioactivity from laboratory glassware, equipment and laboratory surfaces. It is also a superior general laboratory cleaner and degreaser.

In normal use, Nuclean is diluted 1:50 with water, and the glassware allowed to soak overnight and rinsed clean with distilled water. Faster decontamination is effected by increasing the concentration to 1:20 and elevating the temperature. Agitation will greatly accelerate the process. For surface decontamination, such as lab benches and tops, Nuclean should be used undiluted.

Nuclean is biodegradable and mild to the skin when diluted 1:50. Nuclean is not only more effective than chromic acid but is safer to use as well. Quart containers are supplied with a spray-head.

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