Uniscint BD

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  • Biodegradable Cocktail for HPLC Flow Detection High Salt Samples
  • High Flash Point (>150°C)
  • Reduced Toxicity Solvent
Catalog number: LS-276

Uniscint BD is a biodegradable scintillation solution especially formulated to accommodate high salt and buffer samples while still delivering efficiency. Uniscint BD has a low viscosity and is non-gelling. It is suited for use in on-line HPLC flow detectors as well as in traditional vial counting.

Uniscint BD accommodates all concentrations of ammonium phosphate up to 2M, at a ratio or 3:1 scintillator to sample, making it the ideal choice for counting ammonium phosphate gradients from 0-2M. Other samples, such as 2M ammonium formate and water are also accommodated at a 3:1 ratio.

Percentage Counting Efficiency (3H) of Typical Samples at 3:1 Uniscint BD to Sample Ratio
Sample % Counting Efficiency
2M Ammonium Phosphate 32
2M Ammonium Persulfate 33
Water 35


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